Sixth Edition of Video Updates - 3/25/19


AT&Ts video strategy, following final legal approval.

Fifth Edition of Video Updates - 2/18/19


Positive Steps by Netflix

Apple's New Strategy

Verizon's Consumer Video Problems

Skinny Bundle Margin Issues

Roku's Shift to Software

New Streaming Offerings in 2020 by NBCU and Quibo

Fourth Edition of Video Updates - 11/15/18


Insights from 3Q18 results for:

Netflix, Disney, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon

Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook

Third Edition of Video Updates - 8/29/18


Apple's Blowout Results

Disney All-in on DTC

Katzenberg's Intriguing Streaming Video Plan

Strains on Social Media Firms


AT&T's Next Steps to Change Pay-TV

Second Edition of Video Updates - 07/05/18


Wireless Transition to 5G

AT&T Strategy Post TWI Acquisition

Comcast/Disney Battle Continues

Long Form Video Launch for Instagram

Digital Butlers

Premiere Edition of Video Updates - 6/20/18


Approval for AT&T's Acquisition of Time Warner

Disney/Comcast Battle for Fox Entertainment

International Sports Streaming Video Deals

Apple's Service Business

GDPR Launch

Deep Learning Based Supercomputer